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Our platform allows traders to input their trades, or "plays" as we call them, where our system records their position, tracks data & calculates statistics, scores traders based on their performance, then ranks them accordingly on a global wide leaderboard- or within a community ranking they may be associated with.

Traders input their trades using numerous methods such as our web app, mobile app, Discord bot, or Telegram bot. When inputting a play, the trader specifies the data from their trade such as ticker, expiration date, strike price, call or put, premium or price for entry or exit, and if crypto, the exchange it was on. Take profits, stop losses, leverages, averaging, trimming or partial exits, and notes are all implemented and are optional to use. Our system checks against real time market data to prevent any misleading plays or manipulating trader stats.

These trades are displayed on our Trades webpage and are updated in real-time for PRO members. Each row is a trader's play- displaying stock, options, or crypto data. For stocks it specifies the ticker, entry price, and when closed, the exit price. Options will include the expiration date, strike price, call or put, and the premium at entry and exit. As for crypto it's generally the same, but price data will be different across exchanges so it specifies the exchange the trade was made on. Take profits, stop losses, leverages, averaging, trimming or partial exits, and notes are also displayed when specified during the traders input.
Trades on this page can be searched or filtered to show plays from traders you follow, just stocks, options, or crypto, and the top trades within those types.

There's a number of reasons a trader may choose to use our platform- the most popular being the social aspect of participating, but we've seen it used as a substitute for spreadsheets, or by analysts on Discord for their trade alerts, or a community wanting to rank themselves amongst each other.

Plays that are open will show live profit or loss percentages. When trader's close out their plays their stats for that trade are calculated into their overall win rate and average gain- when trimming or partially exiting, they are combined and generate an average gain which is then calculated into the total.

These stats are displayed on each trader's dashboard along with the total number of trades and the count of closed plays. Our system also tracks a trader's most traded stocks/cryptos, highest performing stock/crypto, and their stock/crypto with the biggest loss. Charts and graphs are used to display the stats of trader's. All stats can be filtered for the day, week, month, year, and overall career. Miscellaneous stats are also tracked for most active traders, traders with most trades, and a count for daily trade streaks.

Traders are awarded dashboard badges when accomplishing exceptional stats, "Top Trader" and "High Win Rate" badges are given to traders who have achieved high scores or top ranks, and win rates above 70%.

Traders are ranked based on their overall win rate and average gain stats. To prevent a trader only having just a single winning trade with a high gain percentage to be ranked at the top, we have implemented a fair ranking system. Total closed trades, win rate, and average gain are all factored into a scoring system which then properly ranks traders accordingly.

Communities or groups such as Discord servers, Telegram chats, or even friends & family can apply for leaderboard rankings that consist of only affiliated members. This enables a more engaging community and interaction of members. Events may be held for friendly competition between group rankings held over the span of a specified time.

Every trader has their own dashboard similar to any other social media. These profiles can be customized by adding a profile image, a short bio, and linking social media platforms. Dashboards are where all traders stats are displayed as we mentioned above.

Some dashboards contain badges to distinguish traders. Staff and developers each have their own respected badges, traders who supported us from the very beginning have distinctive "OG" badges, and traders awarded Top Trader or High Win Rate will have its badge attached. All PRO members can be recognized with the pro icon above their dashboards.

One of the popular and appealing features of the dashboard is the embed we've built when you share the link to your profile. When posted on social media or Discord, the embed will show an image displaying important details from dashboards such as stats, badges, and reputation.

Reputation points is our own implementation of a type of karma system. It helps give recognition to traders who are respected within the community. Rep can be earned in multiple ways- completing the setup of a dashboard will reward a trader with their first points of rep. Traders can give rep to others through dashboards or on the trades page where plays are displayed. Being awarded badges for the first time, or ranking top on the leaderboards for a specified amount of time will also come with reputation.

Traders can earn through our platform with the crypto tipping feature. With the ability to follow top traders and receive notifications in real time from favored traders, when followers are benefitted from copy trading a play they have the option to show appreciation by easily sending a tip with crypto.

Traders can follow others and enable push notifications that are alerted in real-time for PRO members. Allowing them to set custom notifications for their friends or favorite trader gives the ability to use our platform to copy trade.

Members subscribed to the PRO+ package have access to our trusted trade alerts provided by our ELITE Trading Team™ composed of top analysts with extensive experience. These signals are exclusive to our members only and cannot be accessed elsewhere. Our analysts call out stocks, options, and crypto trades for when to buy, and when to sell- entry prices, take profits, stop losses, and alerting trims until ultimate price targets are hit.

Our ELITE Team™ analysts offer live streaming to provide real time engagement and allow members to see first hand how our analysts use their arsenal of trading techniques and show live technical analysis. Our alerts can be accessed via our web app, mobile app, Discord, telegram, SMS, and more all in real time.

As most of our analysts focus mainly on options trading, we have developed an AI Alerts bot that fires out signals for low float momentum under $20 stocks. It has a monthly win rate of 85% with a 15% average gain and totaling over 2,000% monthly gains. This bot is highly praised and favored by many of the PRO+ members. AI trading stats fluctuate and are subject to change from month to month

New traders struggle on how or where to start stock or crypto trading. Articles within our blog offer educational content and guides to point new traders in the right direction.

Our analysts offer group mentoring sessions each month over a live stream and offer PRO+ members some time for Q&A. Sessions of 1-on-1 with an analyst are also offered as a service and are at discounted rates for all PRO members.

Everyone is welcome to join the conversation on Discord where experienced traders are paying it forward and offering good advice that was given to them when they first started. See what traders are discussing and what might be the next big retail investor play.

Exciting features are being developed, one being the ability to use our platform to auto execute trades from traders followed. We're also working on our own currency system that will award traders for actions done within our platform, such as completing inputted plays, receiving rep, voting for the bot, activity within our Discord, contributing with feedback/suggestions or reporting bugs, bonus for achieving stats badges, and so much more. Currency can be used to redeem discount codes for PRO or 1-on-1 lessons, merchandise items, and we're working with potential sponsors to offer more appealing services and products.

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